Gael Trail and Resources

The resources and lesson plans that the team used during the project are available below and they are separated according to lesson number. The Gaeltrail (The Thematic Unit of the project) is also available.

This Thematic Unit has been designed to enable pupils of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 to discover the origins of the Irish language, its spread, development and its impact. By engaging in the suggested learning activities it is hoped that pupils will gain an understanding and appreciation of the language as part of the shared heritage of our communities.


Gael Trail English Final
Telegram Blank
Cards Activity

Lesson Plans

Together Through Culture Lesson Plans

Lesson 01

Class Contract – Lesson 1
Introduction PowerPoint – Lesson 1
–  Introduction – Lesson 1

Lesson 02

Lesson Plan 2 – Surnames
Surnames PowerPoint – Lesson 2
Resource Files

Lesson 03

Lesson Plan 3 – Place Names
Place names PowerPoint – Lesson 3

Lesson 04

Lesson Plan 4 – Hiberno-English & Folklore
Hiberno English + Folklore PowerPoint – Lesson 4
Resource Files

Lesson 05

Lesson Plan 5 – Wakes, Storytelling & Hobbies
Lesson 5 – Wakes, Storytelling & Hobbies PowerPoint
Children of Lir