Irish-medium Learning Community

The Irish-medium Learning Community is comprised of the Leaders’ Group (IMLG) and the four regional groups (IMLC) which constitute the Irish-medium sector in the North.

The aims of the group are as follows;

  • To create an effective IM Collaborative Learning Network united by a shared vision of excellence and equity for all Irish Medium pupils, known as An Comhphobal Foghlama (IMLC)
  • To create an over-arching strategic Leaders’ Group representing the various geographical areas, known as An Grúpa Ceannaireachta (IMLG), responsible for the planning and delivery of an improvement programme through dissemination and development of best practice and the collaboration with key support bodies
  • To liaise with DE and EA in recruiting a suitably qualified and experienced coordinator who will deliver on agreed targets
  • To set appropriate and realisable targets for the sector which will inspire, support and challenge all IM schools in their quest to provide the most successful and enriching experience for all IM pupils
  • To disseminate the significant experience, skills and achievements of schools, leaders and practitioners within the IM community for the benefit of all learners
  • To facilitate sectoral development through the application of the Strategic Plan
  • To oversee the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all plans for improvement

IMLC Regional Structures

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