What is Irish-medium Education?

Irish-medium Education has become the preferred choice of an increasing number of parents throughout Ireland in recent years. Irish-medium schools follow the immersion method of education which allows children to acquire the language naturally through daily experience of an Irish language environment.  Irish is the primary language of instruction and communication within Irish-medium schools, however, there is also significant emphasis on the formal teaching of English. Through the immersion education system, pupils achieve a high level of fluency in both English and Irish.

Irish-medium schools deliver the full Northern Ireland Curriculum and receive Government funding under similar criteria to other schools.

What the research says…Academic achievement

From the standpoint of academic achievement, over three decades of studies consistently show that immersion students achieve as well as or better than non-immersion peers on stadardized measures of verbal and mathematics skills administered in English (Cloud, Genesee & Hamayan 2000; Genesee 1987).

A research briefing published by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland indicated that former pupils of Irish-medium schools attained a higher academic standard than might be expected among the general population of the same age group (Gallagher & Hanna 2002).

Learning further languages with greater ease

Research from European countries would suggest that children in Irish-medium schools may find it easier to learn further languages.

One such study carried out in the Basque country found that bilingual students display greater facility in learning a third language (Cenoz & Valencia 1994).

English language achievement

Research consistently finds that the immersion experience actually enhances English language development (Cloud, Genesee & Hamayan 2000).

Research findings from French Immersion Programmes in Canada indicate that “children in early immersion education programmes tend to perform better than children in regular programmes on several aspects of English achievement” (Baker & Hornberger 2001).

Greater tolerance of other cultures

Research commissioned by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland indicated that past pupils of Irish-medium schools had a very positive attitude to the educational and cultural experience they received.  There was also an indication that, due to the cultural enrichment these children experienced, on the whole they where more open to cultural diversity (Gallagher & Hanna 2002).

The best way to learn a language

Immersion education is regarded by many as the most effective means of learning a
second language.

Most immersion students can be expected to reach higher levels of second language proficiency than students in other school-based language programmes (Met 1998).

Improved reading skills in English and Irish

A study by researchers at York University in Toronto suggests that children who are bilingual learn to read more rapidly than their monolingual peers (Bialystok et al. 2005).

Keep children safe on-line

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