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    Our Team

    Maria Thomasson

    Acting Chief Executive Officer

    Ext: 02890897313

    Orla Nig Fhearraigh

    Acting Senior Education Officer

    Ext: 02890897318

    Ciarán Catney

    Senior "A Fair Start" Officer

    Ext: 02890897310

    Pól Ó Mórdha

    Senior Finance Administration and Personnel Officer

    Ext: 02890897311

    Tarlach Mac Giolla Bhríde

    Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

    Ext: 02890897315

    Peadar Ó Cuinneagáin

    Senior Development Support Officer

    Ext: 02890897314

    Conor Stiobhard

    Advisory Officer

    Ext: 02890897317

    Tony Ó Dufaigh

    Advisory Officer

    Ext: 02890897319

    Gearóid Mac

    Clerical Administration Officer

    Ext: 02890897312

    Becky Nic Ainmhire

    Clerical Administration Officer

    Ext: 02890897316

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